Primary Care in Pompano Beach, FL

At Personal Physician Care of Pompano, we offer an individualized approach to medicine that combines thoughtful, preventative and holistic care with innovative technology, preventative screening, and early detection.

We believe primary care should be the first stop in your healthcare journey; it’s where you turn for guidance and support before you get sick, before you see a specialist, and before you need to seek hospital care. Our general practitioners combine excellent customer service with an efficient use of technology to deliver high-quality, affordable service that’s designed to fit your unique needs.

As your primary care providers (PCPs), we take your well-being seriously. With an emphasis on family practice and internal medicine, we address all your essential health needs by:

  • Making prevention and wellness a priority
  • Improving quality and health outcomes
  • Collaborating with you to customize the best plan that suits your individual needs and goals
  • Providing a comprehensive, accurate, and secure repository electronic health record for all your information
  • Seamlessly coordinating your care, including referrals, authorizations, tests, treatments, specialist visits, urgent care visits and hospitalizations
  • Offering cost-effective options in order to help you prioritize your health

Lab Draws

As part of your regular checkups or in order to obtain a diagnosis, your doctor may order blood tests. Under the safest guidelines, our highly skilled and experienced staff perform blood draws. Our drawn samples are safely contained and sent to our reliable lab partners for testing. We provide a reasonable turnaround for results and your MA will remain in contact with you throughout the process.

Home Care

There is no doubt that patient's overall health is improved when they are in a familiar and comfortable environment. While we aim to create such environment at PPC of Pompano, you get the added convenience of receiving comfortable and reliable home care. result-oriented and patient-centered care.

Flu Shots

Prevention is at the core of our approach to healthcare. According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an annual seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to reduce your risk of getting sick with seasonal flu and spreading it to others. At PPC of Pompano, we offer Quadrivalent vaccines which protect against two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses, thus providing you coverage against 4 flu strains. Contact us today to schedule your appointment

Our other services include:



Pre-Operative Treatment

Vitamin B12 Shots

Annual Physical

Medicare Annual Wellness

Chronic Care Management

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